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i am


superpowers for every girl

Find out what kind of

confident girl you are!

i am initiative

When we believe we are unworthy, there isn’t a defense system in the world that will protect us. The I AM Initiative aims to change that. We teach the principles of self-protection and building self-confidence. Through our workshops, coaching, and speaking events we are here to help every girl live powerfully and safely in her body and find happiness in self-agency, If you identify as a girl, woman, or nonbinary we invite you to get in touch. Every girl deserves to live free and unafraid with power.


lisa van ahn

My grandest dream is to empower young girls to follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and live their lives proudly & joyfully in the body that was gifted to them. I know how it feels to doubt, dread, and experience those “I’m not good enough” moments in life. I have so been there. In fact I’m conquering it every day and I want to help other girls realize their own inner I AM powers so they can too.


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Girls at Recess

The best part about the I AM Initiative is kicking the pad and shouting.

Grace (14)

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