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Learn to F.L.Y.
(First Love yourself)

*The I AM Initiative is a recommended field trip resource for the Girl Scouts of America.

We do many workshops for various companies/groups/camps and they all include lessons in self-love and self-confidence including the 3 rules of self-protection.


Girls learn to own who they are, stand up for themselves, and bring positive change in the world. 

Choose from the workshop options below or connect to create an event surrounding your own group's interests. Online and Live Events are available.


  • 1-hour boxing/kickboxing class 

  • 1 hour Online I AM event *open nationwide 

  • 2-hour F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) event 

  • 2-hour FACE YOUR FEARS event 

  • 2 hour BE POSITIVE CHANGE event

  • 3-hour I AM Mini Retreat


During the workshops, we cover topics such as:

  •    Learning the importance of positive self-talk

  •    Trusting yourself

  •    Being your own person vs. fitting into the crowd

  •    Understanding intuition vs. fear

  •    Exemplifying positive leadership

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