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Never Be A Victim

You being yourself is your best superpower.

In any circumstance of life, who's fault it is isn’t the question. Responsibility is the answer. You can become a victor in your life and live like a superhero. Lisa’s keynotes will teach you how to think, feel, & act with power and responsibility.

Lisa is a former top-five professional boxer/US kickboxing team member/National kickboxing champion/2-time American Ninja Warrior who came from a background of exploitation and abuse.

She offers her talks with personal, poignant, silly, fun, and engaging stories that teach practical applications for living life with power and confidence.

Keynote offerings:

  • The Power of I AM

  • Living a No Fault Life

  • Victim to Victor (my personal story of trauma to triumph)

  • Parenting with Purpose

  • Transforming your Health with Mindset

Costs for speaking events vary (scaled pricing for non-profit organizations) Please inquire for more details.

Past Speaking presentations 

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