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i am


lisa van ahn
creator of the
i am initiative


The foundation of the I Am Initiative is based on Think —> Feel —> Act.

The guiding message is self-protection through self-love.

THINK: I AM STRONG (My thoughts guide my attitude)

What you think is who you are. The first rule of self-protection is: F.L.Y(FIRST LOVE YOURSELF). Positive thinking allows you to take care of yourself and be kind to others because you feel good about who you are.

FEEL: I AM CONFIDENT (My attitude guides my actions)

The I Am Initiative teaches girls to get out of situations where they’re in danger, while challenging them to face their fears. When you trust yourself you’re confident and able to stand up for what you feel is right. In uncomfortable scenarios you’ll be able to trust your gut and follow the second rule of self-protection: FACE YOUR FEARS. RUN AWAY FROM DANGER.

ACT: I AM POWERFUL (My actions create my reality)

What you do is intricately connected to what you think and how you feel. The third rule of self-protection is: BE POSITIVE CHANGE. Conduct yourself with responsibility, authority, and act powerfully according to what you believe and you’ll have a positive impact in the world and be able to protect yourself.


lisa vanahn

I am a retired athlete who fought for the US National Kickboxing team and fought on an international level. In 2012, I rose to the top and won a North American title for Kickboxing as well as bringing home a bronze from the PanAm games in Brazil. Fighting isn’t the most important thing about me, but it explains a lot about who I am. I found my way to the sport when I was 19 years old. Back then I was suffering from lack of motivation, depression, and a really skewed sense of my skills and talents. 

I created the I AM Initiative, a dynamic and adventurous curriculum for young women that teaches self-love and self-protection because I believe it’s critical to know how to love yourself and protect yourself. I know these two things are intrinsically connected.

My intention in creating this company is to inspire girls to celebrate their unique qualities, see the value in other’s uniqueness, to view protection of their personal safety as the highest priority, and take on self-responsibility so they can be positive change in the world.

I want Every Girl to discover the I AM Girl that lives inside her.

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