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Writing a New Story, Your Life

You don’t have an ending to this life, yet.

Every day you have a chance to write a new story. Your life.

A new chapter comes when you change the ending.

It’s different than what you expect.

You write in a twist.

Like, I was living in a closet and I found out I was the child of famous wizards. –Harry Potter

Or, I had given up on love, met my love, and still needed to fulfill my destiny, because you can’t sacrifice your destiny for love. –Santiago

Perhaps I was given 24 hours to live, I l dove in heroically, falling in love, soaking up every single second until my beautiful last breath. Then… – Nora Hamilton

These are all stories people have written.

Maybe they are fiction. What is fiction could also be real.

Everything we decide to experience can be our experience.

It once was fiction to walk on the moon, to sail to the end of the horizon and not disappear, to fly across the world in a plane.

Fiction is only fiction, until it isn’t fiction, it’s real.

A story is only a story, until it isn’t a story, it’s your life.

You have the privilege of writing it.

From your perspective. Your point of view. Your narrative.

If you don’t love it. Write it differently.

You can. You choose. Your story. Your life. Your words.

Choose it all wisely, and with intention.

Choose to become what you dream of becoming.

You’ll love it when you live it the way you want.

And you’re the author.

Your story to write. Your life to live. Your fiction to make reality.

xx, LVA-

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