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Which Barbie Would You Buy?

imaginary or real

I spent a lot of years wishing for longer legs, with bigger boobs, and skinny arms.

This didn’t fit my genetic structure of effortlessly building muscle mass (strong, toned arms and legs) with little body fat (small boobs).

barbie it made me wonder…

What if Barbie shed her unrealistic prototype and became an Every Girl model?

Looking at the pic to your left, which Barbie entices you and would you rather purchase the first or the second one?

Personally I find Barbie 2 so much prettier, every part of her feels more real so I find this version more beautiful.

Imagine a world where we stop idealizing unrealistic versions of female bodies by morphing measurement ratios, altering pics with photo shop, and idolizing minority body types. 

What becomes possible with this?

Perhaps, Every Girl loving her own body and utilizing it to the best of her ability with her natural shape and size being her best physical asset.

I believe the definitive results of this matter less than being a culture that represents what is real rather than what is imaginary. I want to be a part of accepting and loving the diversity of all body types and seeing the beauty in each person’s shape.

I believe an ideal body isn’t one that’s fabricated to fit cultural expectations but rather one that is true to your own genetic fabrication.

What do you think and would you rather buy Barbie left or Barbie right… what is beautiful to you…the real, or the manufactured?

How are you appreciating your real body and loving the shape you live in, I want to know.

Xoxo, E.G.

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