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What a Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach You About Self-Love

photo credit: Chris Hall/ Unsplash

It’s gonna happen eventually, maybe. At some point the zombie fiction is going to become real life. I mean, it’s a real possibility.

Tonight I was working with two separate teenage clients in private confidence coaching sessions. They both referenced ‘The Walking Dead’ and how much they loved the show.

I would never miss an opportunity to use a connecting point to share a deeper lesson.

Hence the following words I shared with the lovely ladies I was working with. They responded so well to the way I explained the necessity of self-love in relationship to zombies taking over the world I wanted to share it with you too.

  1. You must be able to self-generate

If you rely on the energy system the world uses and an apocalypse occurs you’re screwed. The only people who are going to be up and running are the ones who own generators.

It works this way for self-love. You must be able to generate your own love for yourself. If you rely on others to love you in order to love yourself as soon as that love dries up you’re out of it. When you can self-generate love you have an endless well available to you. This is seriously the most important rule of self-protection I teach. F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself). If you don’t love yourself you can’t protect yourself and any quality you wish to embody in your life you must be able to self-generate.

You want to be confident? You need to be able to build it within yourself not seeking other people to build you up.

You want more kindness? You need to be kind to yourself first.

You want more connection? When was the last time you had a heart to heart with yourself?

Self-generation is self-preservation.

I think most people would say people who own generators are smart not selfish.

Be smart and self-generate your love. Or any quality you seek.

2. Trust your intuition

What you feel is right. All those people in the zombie movies who act nervous about their decisions and do things that go against the thing their gut is telling them die.

You don’t want to die.

Also, the ones who trust their gut even though everyone else says it’s a horrible idea?

Yeah. They don’t die. They thrive.

Because they listen to their gut.

When you do, you’ll thrive. And there is nothing more honest to loving yourself than listening to your gut. When you trust your deepest knowing you are loving yourself.

3. Connect with your tribe

Once you’re able to self-generate and trust your own intuition I would say this. You’re not getting out of a zombie apocalypse on your own. You need your tribe. Your support. Your encouragement. They aren’t the reason you’re alive, but they are your lifeline.

When you first love yourself (F.L.Y.) and then trust your intuition you’re in the perfect position to bring in a group of people you can call family. They’ll be your sounding board. You always trust yourself first and they are there for support when you might experience doubt. When it gets tough, you’ll need to call in backup. You can’t kill thousands of zombies without some extra help, ya know?

You’ll know they’re your tribe when they support you loving yourself and trusting yourself. That’s evidence enough.

Okay. So the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe it has? What are the zombie thoughts you experience daily? What are the zombie actions you take? You don’t need to be a part of the walking dead. You can start today.

Self-generate the qualities you seek.

Trust Yourself.

Connect to your Tribe.

You got this. I promise. You can survive those brain eating monsters.

Protect your beating heart.

Protect your moving body.

Protect your edible brains.

Start now and you’ll thrive the apocalypse that is social media, people killing other people, mother nature shriveling in the face of abuse, and the general malaise that covers much of humanity.

xx LVA-

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