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Test. Try. Take Chances.

photo credit: Phil Botha

Your dream must be attempted before it can be accomplished.

Sometimes it’s the scariest thing to do because we’re almost always unsure of the outcome. We desperately want things to work out and when we don’t know what will happen we can become paralyzed by fear.

Fear of failure. What if it doesn’t work out?

Fear of success. What if it does work out?

Fear of judgement. What are others going to say about it?

Fear of unworthiness. What if it isn’t good enough?

These are all real and relatable concerns but I don’t want it to stop you from taking action.

I encourage you to look at any attempt as this….”I’m testing it out. I’m trying something new. I’m taking a chance.”

Part of having a dream is a desire to share it with the world. So of course we want it to be received by others. This isn’t in our control.

What is? Our ability to take action and bring it into existence. No matter what others may think/believe.

This is why I write so much about F.L.Y.-ing (First Love Yourself), you need to believe in your dream and who you are in the world so fiercely nothing will stop you from moving forward, not even what other people say.

What is your dream? What could you test, try, or take a chance on today? I believe in you so hard. Go out and do it!

xx, LVA-

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