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Singing at Stop Signs + Micro Bucket List Recaps

Hey lovelies,

Last month I posted my first ever Micro Bucket List.

If you missed it, read here. But for a quick re-fresh, this is an opportunity to take on some monthly enjoyment + stretch goals for myself which could lead me to major bucket list accomplishments.

Last month I took these on…read the re-caps below.


  1. Wear a dress two days of each week in July

SO rocked this.  Ummm, it was super uncomfortable to start with but I had so many people compliment me when I was wearing a dress or skirt, and by the end of the month I felt way more cozy in them. I got one fun pic you can see from my bestie’s b-day. I was wearing a skirt.

  1. Write 3 reviews for podcasts I love listening to

I LOVE podcasts and I wrote reviews for 3 I love…I still have more to write which haven’t been written yet. The following was my favorite though.

  1. Find 5 new spots to hang my portable hammock up and meditate

A fun pic from this one… It opened my eyes to incredible new spaces to literally HANG out in (and also foreshadows an August MBL).

  1. Do a headstand on a paddle board


  1. Write 2 love letters and mail them

I did this…very personal to share here, however I did also write a love letter on FB and you can read it here.


We’re already well on our way in August and I’m a bit behind getting this out. Without too much fanfare let’s get to the list:

  1. Singing at stop signs and stop lights daily (p.s. follow my Instagram stories to watch me doing this during the month)

  2. Take a spontaneous trip somewhere

  3. Read two new books I’ve never read

  4. Play my drum in public

I’m loving this practice…also interested in seeing if you want to play along. If so please share your own #mbls in the comments. I’d love to support you and follow along. Side note. The shorter hashtag seems to be taken already so I’ll also be using a longer one..#microbucketlist which seems to be wide open for our use. Hope to see you there!

xx, LVA-

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