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Once Upon A Time…A True Life Fairy Tale

That there was such a thing as ugly step sisters determined to see me fail.

I believed I needed a knight in shining arm-our to save me.

I didn’t think I could succeed without a bewitched godmother, or a magical shoe I’d lost somewhere.

My fate was confidently sealed by secret prophesies that I could never override.

I knew if I didn’t leave breadcrumbs I would never find my way back home.

And without a yellow brick road I would never find the emerald city.

I was sure one sweet kiss would bring me back to life.

And then…I stopped reading fairy tales and I created my own story.

When I did I realized it was all true:

There was an ugly step sister. She lived inside of me and told me many lies about myself. She was determined to see me fail.

My knight in shining arm-our was my highest self coming to the rescue when I needed her.

I had magical shoes and godmothers everywhere. All my friends fit me so well and my family sprinkled me with loving dust to help me forge ahead.

The secret prophesies were of my inevitable success.

I could always find my way back home by looking at the pieces of myself and remembering who I came here to be.

The yellow brick road is the path many follow and it leads to the emerald city of envy and greed.

One sweet kiss. One act of forgiveness. One gesture of love. It brings me back to life. Every time.

Create your own fairy tale.

Live your own story.

It will be what you make, and it will be true.

Xoxo, E.G.

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