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New & Noteworthy For Fall

We’re one month away from our Gratitude Petite Retreat and it’s been a beautiful kind of busy at I AM Initiative HQ. I’ve been hanging with Girl Scouts, helping out with retreats, speaking with groups of women, and finishing up some top secret projects (I share a bit about this below). Here’s a little recap of Sept-Oct.

Girl Scout Fun

1. I had a splendid fall trip to NYC and hung out with some amazing peeps, including one of my mentors, Patricia Moreno, creator of IntenSati. I can’t give it away quite yet but stay tuned for some fun things to come that blend positive thought with powerful movement for even more kick-it-up confidence.

2. I’m headed to Costa Rica next week for a re-charge and inspiring conference called, Awesomeness Fest. I attended their event in Croatia in May and led a breakout session titled ‘The Art Of Self-Defense’. I’m excited to be back with some of the same peeps as well as meeting new friends too. It’s gonna be awesome. 😉

3. I’ve diligently been working on a girl’s guide to living superpowers as well as superpower cards that girls can shuffle and draw every morning to take a power with them through the day.

AND……drum roll please.

They’re finished! I can’t wait to share them with you, but first, I’m giving all the girls that attend the petite retreat November 14th access to cards and the book at 30% discount. It’s my way of saying thank you, and I’m grateful to have you be a part of the special day with me.

Get registered today and join us for an afternoon of confidence, gratitude, and fun. We’ve got two retreat options based on your daughter’s grade.

Okay, that’s me.

I am Excited! Who are you?

Powerfully, Lisa-

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