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Micro Bucket Lists

Let me try on something new. I chuckle a bit as I write it because I really love trying on the new. I embrace change. I enjoy adventure. I’m risk’s BFF most of the time.

And I still have social norms I follow all the time. I buy my produce, I pick up cleaning supplies, I pay my bills, I brush my teeth, I shower (most days).

I do all of these things with a bucket list in my heart.

  1. Go to Bali and live for a year

  2. Learn how to do a back hand spring

  3. Get a place in Austin and work there for the winter

  4. Skydive

  5. Do 20 pull ups in a row

  6. Relieve myself of all financial debt

  7. End human trafficking

  8. Find a new sport (something other than fighting) and become a world champion at it

  9. Teach confidence and self-protection to girls in every corner of the globe

  10. Take all my nephews and nieces on a trip anywhere in the world they want when they graduate from high school

  11. Do 20 pull ups in a row when I’m 80yrs old

  12. Speak Spanish fluently

  13. And so on…

It’s a BIG bucket list. Recently I got to wondering…what if my bucket list was shorter? More attainable and with a timeline?

Perhaps having smaller life desires will also lead me to the larger ones which could take some time. Maybe if I focus on something small now it will lead me to something bigger later. Maybe.

Or maybe if I focus on now I’ll get the most out of now. Probably.

And why on earth would I put off living one day intentionally hoping for tomorrow.

One truth I know is tomorrow never comes.

So I’ll try on something new. The Micro Bucket List. Thanks to my dearest friend, and love, Rah for the name…she called it such and so it has become the MBL (micro bucket list).

I’m trying it on for July. If I love it then you’ll likely see more of it. Or it’ll disappear into the ether like so many other of my brilliant ‘Shark Tank success’ ideas.

I want to live a deep, fulfilled life. The MBL is an idea for intentional living outside of my to-do lists, goal settings, and accomplishments. I only have one rule for this list: personal growth and pleasure.

It’s not a list of accomplishments to bring me more money, fame, or success.

It’s a list to bring me more love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy.

With much fan fare and lots of words preceding (it’s how I do things) I present the first Micro Bucket List ever.


  1. Wear a dress two days of each week in July

  2. Write 3 reviews for podcasts I love listening to

  3. Find 5 new spots to hang my portable hammock up and meditate

  4. Do a headstand on a paddle board

  5. Write 2 love letters and mail them

Play along if it feels good to you. Create your own MBL’s or give mine a shot too…recap to come at the end of the month. xx, L-

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