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Map Out Your Day


To live a brilliant life you must create with intention. Let’s say you wanna go to California (don’t we all) and you live in Mn. To get there you can’t just put some gas in your car and head out. You need to have a map to get you there.

If you wanna have an awesome day you need a map to get to awesome too.

Don’t let your alarm go off and expect that you’re gonna get to awesomeness without mapping it out.

I have morning rituals that map out awesomeness for my day. I’m gonna share them with you and what would make me feel the happiest is if you created your own rituals to map out awesomeness for everyday that you live.

I’d love to hear about your rituals in the comments below…here are mine.

  1. Play ‘Waiting For Love’ by Avicci (click here to listen on spotify)

  2. Pump my fist in the air and dance around while listening to the song.

  3. Sit down and meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes (on my best days 45 minutes).

  4. Brush my teeth in front of my mirror that says “I AM ENOUGH” written on it.

  5. Pick out an outfit that feels good.

  6. Pull a superpower card (coming soon for sale) to support me with a confident mentality for the day. I WANT THOSE!

  7. Say one thing I’m grateful for and if I think of a person I’m grateful for make a note to share that with them.

This is my map to awesome. When I do it through all 7 steps I never miss my destination.

Sometimes I get busy, I wake up late, I rush through my morning, I don’t follow through on my map and these are the days that the world gets a hold of me and inevitably I end up in the alligator swamps of Florida instead of the sunshine of Cali.

Map out your course to awesome and take action with courage. xx, LVA-

p.s. I can’t wait to hear about your morning happiness rituals. Leave a comment. If you don’t have them yet, what would you like to create for yourself?

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