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Let’s Talk Standards

I started picking up trash everywhere I go. I know there is a lot of trash I miss seeing, however, when I notice a piece of trash on the ground now I pick it up and drop it in a garbage can.

I started liking all positive, encouraging, uplifting posts I see on FB and “snoozing” victimizing or complaining posts.

I stopped picking up the “juicy” gossip magazines I used to consider a guilty pleasure and signed up for Kindle Unlimited so I could have total access to inspiring authors and growth filled content.

Why did I decide to do these things?  

This quote by Lieutenant General David Morrison, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”.

I heard it a couple of months ago and it’s shifted my perspective in a massive way. It’s easy for me to look at the world and see the things I believe need to shift…equal acceptance for all races and genders, deeper loyalty and respect for Mother Earth, a larger collective practice of empathy and kindness, open-hearted compassion for the history, experiences and beliefs of people other than ourselves.

I can talk about how we need to address these issues. I can share on social media how we need to create change. I can even have heartfelt conversations with my tribe about how we are going to help elevate human consciousness.

The primary word here is we and it’s missing something.

It’s missing me.

In the world of the highly charged #metoo movement I feel our culture is craving connection and desiring to tap into collective change for the better. I want to do this too. And I believe it starts with me.

If I want something to change I need to stand for it in EVERY area of my life, not only on social media. Not only with my friends. Not only when people are looking.

I do not accept abusive and violent behavior towards my earth. I will not walk past it.

I do not accept victimizing language towards the personal self. I will not walk past it.

I do not accept degrading interactions towards any person no matter their race, gender, or celebrity status. I will not walk past it.

My relationship with God, the Universe, or whatever you may wish to call it, is a dynamic conversation including my thoughts, feelings, AND actions. All three play an important part. I can think and feel about the change I want to see, so am I taking action on it?

I want God to know I’m not cool with trash or litter so when I see it I pick it up. I pick it up without complaining or judging whoever left it there. I pick it up and make a mental note then send it out into the world. “I don’t want to see this, so I’m cleaning it up”.

My favorite part about this newer personal practice is it isn’t overwhelming for me.

I don’t need to commit to eliminating the country-sized trash heap living in the middle of the ocean. I don’t need to single-handedly call out every person who victimizes themselves and complains. I don’t need to dethrone all negative political figures in the world and eliminate tabloid news.

If I notice it, meaning it’s brought to my attention, I clean it up. I won’t notice every piece of trash I walk past. The ones I do notice…I clean up.

If it comes into my realm of reality, it’s also my responsibility.

The reality is this world is hurting so many things will come to your attention and you may be feeling overwhelmed with this. If it’s the case you can try on the quote for a day or two and see what it feels like to just pay attention to what you’re walking past. If it’s not up to your desired standards, don’t walk past it.

Stop and clean it up.

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