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Leggings of the Day + Micro Bucket List Recaps

Here we go…fall.

It’s here.

I have many thoughts about this and generally feel like I “fall” off a little this time of year.

I’m a solar powered human so less light typically means less energy and enthusiasm for me.

Nevertheless I have a desire to roll with the punches and throw a few of mine own too.

With that in mind I’ve got my dukes up. I generated a brand new #microbucketlist for October. Fall, let’s see what ya got (p.s. wanna know what the heck a micro bucket list is? Check out this post).

First…the September MBL Recap…

Learn me some bad ass hip hop moves

Ummm. Let’s remove the donkey from this and you’ve got a sure thing. I did learn some hip hop moves. BADLY. And I got it on film to prove it. To really SHOW YOU the badness of my hip hop horrible. Like the August #mbl to play my drum in public, there is a singular aspect to accomplishing something: Focused Action. Some things you can learn quickly, other things take more time.

If you want to complete something well you need daily focused action to get better at it. If you just want to complete something, one session of focused action can often get you there. Beware though, the one session isn’t going to demo you as a bad ass. Mostly, just bad. Really bad.

Daily social dance gratitude shout outs

I wasn’t on social media every day in September, however I did shout outs the days I was there and it felt good. Here’s the thing about gratitude.

Gratitude: It lifts you up. It lifts others up. It lifts the world up.

Honestly, it’s been a rough last few weeks of September, reaching out with love to say thank you to the wonderful women, companies, people, eateries, and organizations making a difference in my life felt really, really awesome! When things get rocky I always recommend gratitude as a game changer. It’s also gorgeous to use it everyday. No matter what.

Try 1 new food I’ve never eaten before once a week

I had mixed results with this. Here’s the final, final of everything so you don’t need to try yourself unless you really want to.

Jackfruit tacos at Northbound– No. NO. NOOOOOO! Turns out I feel strongly about how much I do not like this item.

Duck poutine at Nighthawks– Mostly No. It’s so much gravy and fried-ness and really, really rich. Even though I ate more than one bite, I wouldn’t order it again. I do love everything else at this place tho (mostly Andrew :)).

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak– YES! ALWAYS! YES! Side note: it didn’t taste like a Philly cheesesteak at all but this “fake” sandwich from The Herbivorous Butcher was AMAZING!

Machine Pancakes– This might not really count. I’ve eaten my fair share of pancakes. Never out of a machine though. And they were weirdly okay. It might have helped, I added a ton of butter, syrup, peanut butter, and taco-ed them up with eggs and bacon. It was a new kind of concoction I’d never attempted. Also I might’ve enjoyed it more than this fitness girl is supposed to admit.

Wild Boar– After a wonderful afternoon of support from my girlfriends at the Dream, Girl screening we took a long and lovely lunch (3 hours) at Bar Brigade. I feel like sampling the wild boar, which was nice and maybe gamey? is so deeply connected to the memory of a favorite day I want to go all in and say boar is now my favorite meat. Probably not though. Eating boar other places would likely be a bore. I couldn’t resist the word play. Conclusion is I need to try it again before I can decide if I love it.

Visit my sister and her sprites in Dallas

Sadly this didn’t come together. I looked for quick/cheap flights to get out there a couple times and then before I knew it September was over. It’s the point of doing all the micro bucket list stuff though. Even with my list, life passes so quickly. Like really, really fast. If you’re not setting up your life to enjoy exciting adventures and do things you’ve always wanted to do, you might never get around to it.

Because. Here I am. Writing this, and it’s already October 5th. And I haven’t been to Dallas. Yet.


  1. Wear a different pair of my MANY leggings each day in October (p.s. follow my Instagram stories to watch me doing this during the month with an awesome theme song)

  2. Learn a new Spanish word or phrase every day

  3. Karaoke to Macklemore’s song ‘Can’t Hold Us’

  4. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! You’ll need to stay tuned on Instagram to find out when this one happens.

Okay lovely, I’ll see you on the socials and be sure to share with me if you’re doing your own #microbucketlist, I’d love to cheer you on in adventure!

xx, LVA-

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