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F.L.Y. Vlog: Eat Healthy

In this Vlog Kel and I talk about how eating healthy is a necessary part of loving yourself. Eating healthy means consuming lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein, awesome fruits, and complex carbs like legumes & beans.

Sometimes you want french fries, ice cream, and candy. When you eat these things you can also be loving yourself as long as you’re doing it consciously and not overdoing it. It can be helpful to ask yourself  “Am I loving myself by eating this right now?” before you indulge in foods that don’t have the best nutrition. If the answer is ‘Yes’ and you’re going to fully enjoy it, then go for it!

A good measure is eating really nutritious foods 85% of the time and allowing for treats 15% of the time.

Here’s some of our favorite healthy snack ideas…

  1. Hummus with sugar snap peas

  2. Hardboiled eggs sliced with tomatoes and spicy mustard

  3. A piece of fresh fruit (whatever is in season is usually the yummiest)

  4. Sliced turkey rolled up with asparagus and a little hot sauce

  5. A handful of pistachios or almonds

  6. Sliced zucchinis and cucumbers dipped in salsa

If you’d like some help with this Lisa has an awesome Eat Smart Coaching program. It’ll get you on track to  loving yourself with guidance on nutritious eating. You can check it out here.

xx Lisa & Kel

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