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F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) : Vlog One

Kelley and I are so excited to bring you this new video series called F.L.Y.

Because we’re fly, and we know you’re fly + we want you to fly.

One more thing you mighta figured out…we love acronyms. Like for realz. We reallzy love them.

So what is F.L.Y.?

It stands for; First Love Yourself. It happens to be the first rule of the I AM Initiative curriculum and the foundation for self-protection. If you want to protect yourself you must first love yourself.

In this video series we’re gonna be bringing you all kinds of tips and ideas for putting this rule into practical practice….so sit back and enjoy a little introduction to our fun, fun-ness, and funniness.

At least we think so, cuz we kinda love ourselves. Like for realz.

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