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Dance In The Rain- Rock This Mix

Sometimes it makes me sad. How ’bout you? 

I have to remember to crank the music more often. I always feel better when I’m listening to great mixes.

I really love music and it soothes me when I’m in a bad mood but sometimes I forget.

It’s easy when I’m ready to rollerblade around the lake to tune into my mixes. However, I can’t rollerblade in the rain and then I’ll start watching T.V. and try to escape from the ho-hum weather.

I need to remember to listen to my music more often. I’m never trying to escape when I’m listening to music. I’m always rocking, dancing, and grooving + living in the moment.

Don’t forget. You can rock it when it’s raining. Listen to this lil’ bit rock mix the next time the clouds roll in.

I hope you love it, xoxo E.G.

P.S. You can follow this awesome mix here.

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