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Bring It On- Rock This Mix

I love the movie Bring it on. The epitimal Hollywood example of moving forward in the face of challenge.

If you don’t know the movie, Kirsten Dunst plays a senior who inherits the role of head cheerleader and finds out that the routines their team has been using for years have been stolen.

She steps up to create something new and exciting. And (spoiler here) rocks out with creativity to win it all.

I’ve watched this movie so many times and every time I do it reminds me that when life offers up challenges for us we have two choices:

  1. Take it head on

  2. Run away

Whatch’ya gonna do… bring it or run from it? 

When you need a mix to help you ‘bring it’ listen to this. Take the challenges and face ’em head on with a rockin’ mix to back you!

xoxo, E.G.

p.s. you can follow the playlist here

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