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A Pixie Made This For Me- Rock This Mix

My pixie is definitely that. I still love her, and she makes beautiful music mixes for me because she loves to dance and adores music.

I must say, she has great taste. Rarely does she find songs I don’t absolutely love. Do you have a pixie in your life that is a bit out of the element but so fun to hang out with? 

My pixie has an adorable bulldog mix that I love to hang with too. You will never know who she is but I still want you to know that she’s my music maven and introduces me to so many of these great songs featured on the mixes that you love here.

She is the driving force of the Sweat Sessions mixes. I’ve got lots going on and I couldn’t make great music without her.

Thanks sweet pixie!

I hope you love this mix as much as I do. xoxo, E.G.

p.s. you can follow this awesome mix right here.

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